Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cranial nerves related to orbit.

1. Optic nerve
- through optic canal.
- innervates eye ball

2. Oculomotor nerve ( CN3/III)
-branches - Superior div. - superior rectus
- levator palpebrae superioris muscles
- Inferior div - medial rectus
- inferior rectus
- inferior oblique rectus
- branch to ciliary ganglion

3. Trochlear nerve ( CN4/IV)
- innervates superior oblique muscle.

4. Opthalmic nerve ( CN5/ V)
- 3 branches :-
a) Lacrimal branch
b) Frontal branch :-
- Supratrochlear nerve.
- Supraorbital nerve.
c) nasociliary branch :-
- communicating branch to ciliary ganglion
- long ciliary nerves
- ( anterior & posterior) ethmoidal cells.
- infratrochlear nerve

5. Abducens Nerve ( CN6/VI)
- innervates lateral rectus muscle.

6. Ciliary Ganglion
- receives fibers from oculomotor nerve ( preganglionic parasympathetic fibres)
- send fibers to short ciliary nerves (postganglionic parasympt. fibre) - supply sphincter papillae and ciliary muslce ( ma fi dilater papillae okay)

7. Number of sympathetic fibers
-pass through from internal carotid plexus into orbit without synpasing ganglion.

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