Monday, January 23, 2012

my personality.


" You are compassionate and loyal to your family and friends and place a higher value on those relationships than on work. You are sensitive and kind so you become deeply affected when people are in pain or unhappy around you and feel compelled to help them. You are a very private person and it takes a long time for other’s to to know you. You like to have your own space and to work within your own time frame so you are not very organized and find it difficult to make long term plans. You enjoy the present moment and what is currently going on around you, leading you take pleasure in simple everyday things. You dislike disagreements and conflicts so you are extremely tolerant of people’s beliefs and opinions "

My ideal match. :P

p/s: benda ni macam cool. try lah. ada betul ada tak. pandai2 lah ye. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Album Lama #1

Somewhere around Edinburgh.

How I miss those moments.


seperti biasa.

" waktu terbang sehh "

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Something we always forget about friendship.

As time passes by, I started to notice one thing in my life about friendship which I never think of it before until now.

One might think that when we're talking about friendship,

we will unintentionally refer to only one 'ship' that has been floating between you and me..

In other words, there is only two parties involve for this friendship - you and me.

For this reason, one will always try to treat his/her partner in the best of them until they forget that we also have other ships as well.

My point is, when you have a friend in any occasion. Be considerable.

I don't mean to treat them no well

but please do treat them right considering some space for other ships to get along as well.

However, too bad If you couldn't really help yourself explaining the discomfort to your friend when it happens.

My ships. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Harry Potter

dear beloved readers,

I'm really sorry for my misbehaviour for not updating my blog.

In a quite time, I've been looking forward to constructing new ideas in reborning this bloody blog.

Seriously, I have about 3 weeks more to spare my holidays.

To be frank, I started up my holiday by watching Harry Potter Sequels.

I know it's sort of lame to watch these of movies at this time. However, I'm telling you that I should finish them up as I grew up in the era of harry potter.

It is funny when you finally noticed that you understood nothing but to watch emma watson acting in this movie.

It was an old bad habit.

Now, i'm trying to pick up good messages as many as I could from this sequel regardless how awesome emma watson is.

It's also funny when I recalled back that once i had wished Emma Watson is a muslim so that I could propose her.

so funny of me.

Now, I'm on the fifth sequel. Order of Phoenix.

I plan not to waste my holidays with lagha things (Biiznillah)

To back things up, I would rather find meaningful messages in this bloody sequel.

Not to forget, my first exposure to british slang was from this bloody harry potter sequel.

thanks harrrrry.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

Azam tahun 2012.

Tahun 2011 sudah pun melabuhkan tirainya beberapa jam yang lalu.

Dikesempatan ini saya ingin mencoretkan serba sedikit azam baru saya sempena tahun baru ini.

Saya sangat berharap untuk tahun baru ini saya dapat menjadi :-

1. Hamba yang semakin taat tunduk dan dekat kepada Allah. Semakin kerap solat berjemaah. Semakin kurang kata-kata yang sia-sia. Semakin kurang laghanya dengan dunia yang sementara.

2. Anak/Adik/Abang yang lebih soleh dan baik serta rajin call dan skype keluarga setiap masa khususnya mama dan kakak.

3. Sahabat yang bermanfaat kepada semua orang untuk kita sama-sama masuk syurga.

4. Pelajar Pergigian yang lebih cemerlang gemilang dan terbilang. tak study last minute. result maintain. Deanlist? oh belum lagi. :)

5. Setiausaha PERMAI yang berjaya. harap dapat laksanakan segala amanah yang terpikul atas bahu ini. Takut kena soal dekat 'sana' nanti. ;(

6. daie yang berhemah mengajak masyarakat ke arah mengenali Tuhan sebenar disamping membentuk dan membaiki diri yang penuh kecacatan ini.

7. Lelaki yang lebih matang dengan isu semasa dan cara berfikir. Lebih serius dalam kehidupan seharian.

Selamat Tahun baru 2012 semua! maaf. takde surooh.