Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Harry Potter

dear beloved readers,

I'm really sorry for my misbehaviour for not updating my blog.

In a quite time, I've been looking forward to constructing new ideas in reborning this bloody blog.

Seriously, I have about 3 weeks more to spare my holidays.

To be frank, I started up my holiday by watching Harry Potter Sequels.

I know it's sort of lame to watch these of movies at this time. However, I'm telling you that I should finish them up as I grew up in the era of harry potter.

It is funny when you finally noticed that you understood nothing but to watch emma watson acting in this movie.

It was an old bad habit.

Now, i'm trying to pick up good messages as many as I could from this sequel regardless how awesome emma watson is.

It's also funny when I recalled back that once i had wished Emma Watson is a muslim so that I could propose her.

so funny of me.

Now, I'm on the fifth sequel. Order of Phoenix.

I plan not to waste my holidays with lagha things (Biiznillah)

To back things up, I would rather find meaningful messages in this bloody sequel.

Not to forget, my first exposure to british slang was from this bloody harry potter sequel.

thanks harrrrry.




Anonymous said...

and i had wished harry is a muslim. sadly he is not.



mira said...

kalau tgk najib pun memang mcm harry potter =.="