Friday, March 4, 2011

5 bad things about fever.

5 bad things you should know about fever since many people usually take it for granted.

1. explosion temperature of our body may impairs neurological and respiratory system.

2. Our heart beat increase as our body temperature raises. People with heart diseases may be highly affected by this increasing heart work load.

3. Damage in *hypothalamus can cause temperature turning dangerously high which may cause other side effects.

4. If you're pregnant, you might meet up some complications.

5. Fever over 106 Fahrenheit ( 41.1 degree celcius) requires emergency care.

in addition, we should know that infanst under 3 months of age have difficulity in regulating temperature that may cause high fevers. It's highly advisable to take best care of the infants when they get fever.

*hypothalamus -a compartment of our brain in function of regulating our body temperature.

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