Wednesday, February 23, 2011

micobiology #1.

today I want to share some stuff about Microbiology as I'm sitting for it in this bloody semester.

some fact that I try to conclude by myself after I read the doctor slides.

1. microbiology is a study of living and non-living things in a micro way.
2. Not all microbes harm human body. Some do benefit our body.
3. Virus is not a living thing.
4. Eurokaryotic cells do have nucleoplasm, chromosome, and nuclear membrane while prokaryotics don't.
5. Bacteria is an prokaryote.
6. Prokaryote's Flagella is not the same as Eukaryote's Flagella.
7. Cell wall of bacteria help to withstand the high osmotic pressure of bacteria's cytoplasm that may burst.
8. main constituent of most bacterial cell wall is peptidoglycan.
9. you should take note about glycocalyx.
10. Some prokaryotes have 'Pilus sex' for conjugation among themselves in a way of reproduction.



anasakinah said...

kes menghafal?

eszol raar said...

mycobacterium sgt ssah

bpak byk kne ingat nama n colour sume